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GM: You'd need incredible skill to win this pod race.
Qui-Gon: What, like a Cheddar monk?
GM: Jedi knight. Well, yes.
Qui-Gon: Easy! I teach the kid everything I know.
GM: Overnight? Besides, only one in a million people has Force sensitivity. The boy doesn't.
Qui-Gon: From those mini-chlorine things, right?
GM: Uh... Right.
Qui-Gon: I get out my first aid kit.
Anakin: What are you doing?
Qui-Gon: You're going to need better stats. I'm transferring some of my mini-chlorines to your blood.
Anakin: A blood transfusion? What?!
Qui-Gon: They'll multiply there and grant you lightning fast reflexes and skill points in driving.
Anakin: That's crazy!
Obi-Wan: No, he's right. Since the Force has a biochemical origin, it must be transferable with the midi-chlorians.
Obi-Wan: It all makes sense now. This is a hard science campaign, right? None of that wishy-washy in-born "psychic abilities" stuff?
GM: Uh, I guess...
GM: I'd better fill in a character sheet for the boy, then.
GM: What was his name again?

Because mechanical injection systems have limited adjustments to develop the optimal amount of fuel into an engine that needs to operate under a variety of different conditions (such as when starting, the engine’s speed and load, atmospheric and engine temperatures, altitude, ignition timing, etc.) electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems were developed that relied on numerous sensors and controls. When working together, these electronic components can sense variations and the main system computes the appropriate amount of fuel needed to achieve better engine performance based on a stored "map" of optimal settings for given requirements. [14]

The choice to keep POJOs pure doesn't come without cost. Rather than spending the effort to develop and maintain complex configuration files it is possible to simply use annotations to mark classes and let spring do the rest of the work. Resolving dependencies can be simple if they follow a convention such as matching by type or by name. This is choosing convention over configuration . [36] It is also arguable that, when refactoring to another framework, removing framework specific annotations would be a trivial part of the task [37] and many injection annotations are now standardized. [38] [39]

Where to inject testosterone in leg

where to inject testosterone in leg


where to inject testosterone in legwhere to inject testosterone in legwhere to inject testosterone in legwhere to inject testosterone in legwhere to inject testosterone in leg