What happens if you take testosterone

You like how you feel when you're hyperthyroid:  You may like the feeling of being hyperthyroid, but unfortunately, you may not realize the strain this condition is putting on your heart, bones, and overall health. Liking the feeling of hyperthyroidism is similar to being addicted to a stimulant such as nicotine or caffeine. Untreated hyperthyroidism can have serious consequences to your health. Integrative physicians believe that some patients who like this feeling of being hyperstimulated may have underlying adrenal fatigue or exhaustion that should be addressed.

Mindful meditation has been shown to help people perform under pressure while feeling l ess stressed . A 2012 study split a group of human resources managers into three, which one third participating in mindful meditation training, another third taking body relaxation training and the last third given no training at all. A stressful multitasking test was given to all the managers before and after the eight-week experiment. In the final test, the group that had participated in the meditation training reported less stress during the test than both of the other groups.

Government employees sometimes reveal classified details accidentally in casual conversations and media interviews. We may not hear about it because it’s not in the interviewee’s or employee’s interest to point it out after the fact, or he or she may not even realize it at the time.... A former colleague of mine who was a retired CIA analyst used to tell his students he would never knowingly, but almost certainly would inadvertently, share a tidbit of classified information in the classroom. It is very difficult to remember many “smaller” details that are sensitive.

What happens if you take testosterone

what happens if you take testosterone


what happens if you take testosteronewhat happens if you take testosteronewhat happens if you take testosteronewhat happens if you take testosteronewhat happens if you take testosterone