Tips to increase testosterone

If you are an employee, increased productivity can be the key to promotion, or to more free time. If you are a business leader, increasing the productivity of your company can improve your bottom line and help you to weather economic downturns. Either way, you should be constantly seeking to increase productivity. To do so, both employees and owners can take a look at their own work practices. In addition, business leaders can take steps to create an environment that both motivates employees and gives them the necessary tools to succeed, including technology that increases worker flexibility and eliminates wasted time.

Gys when u go to buy fuel u mst say to the fuel refiller that he input the price first then input the nozzle and put his hands away frm fuel pipe as they knw how to cheat with us while filling….
U hv noted that they always put their hands on fuel pipe…
They starts filling petrol and we look at the meter in mean time they stop the fuel by pressing the starter in the pipe nozzle but meter does not stops.
If u go to fuel pump and say to filler to fill 1000rs of petrol it takes 3min 45 sec to fill the petrol.
Filler takes advantage of us bcoz we see the meter not his hands when he starts filling meter starts and stops untill the input value reaches but filler person stops the filling petrol but meter don’t stops untill the req. Value that person stops filling as how much he wants to take money in his pocket and starts filling again as he do in stopping filling petrol…
This can also be biggest reason for lesser mileage…

Tips to increase testosterone

tips to increase testosterone


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