Testosterone drops for women

I think this approach is fine. I must say having been doing this for years, treating hundreds and thousands of men I have been underwhelmed with the results with topicals. Injections can cause peaks and valley and I have many younger men inject twice a week that smooths out the peaks and valleys. I think it is appropriate to follow the advice of your primary doctor and endocrinologist. I have just seen too many men spend months or years with gels with sub optimal results. Many men are diagnosed with depression and are not really depressed (I have no idea if this applies to you), but the presumed depression is base dupon low T.
My recommendation would be to pursue this but if a few months pass and results are modest consider another approach. Pellets are one approach to have smooth levels of T and are placed every 4 months.

I did a 5 week program with an Age Management and Weight Loss facility here in TN. I lost 29 lbs in that 5 weeks giving myself daily HCG shots and seeing the DR once a week for the B12 Lipo Lean shot. It worked. It was the easiest diet I have ever done. I did not cheat not once. My family and friends sure noticed the difference. I ordered two bottles of the HCG drops to see if I can lose the additonal 25 lbs I want to use. I already know what I have to do but I will be exercising this round….HCG is a miracle drug for me. If I can do it anyone can do it….

These figures of 4 mg for men and 200 mcg for women are good ballpark figures, but vary from one person to another. It also varies by body weight. You must first test your FREE (not bound or total) testosterone with blood or saliva. (Saliva tests are less than $30.) You are looking for the youthful level you had at age 30. Men can only be normal or deficient, while women can have excessive (androgenicity), normal, or deficient levels. If a man takes too much this will spill over into estrogens; the male body will not accept hyper levels of testosterone.

Testosterone drops for women

testosterone drops for women


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