Saw palmetto reduce testosterone

Every woman is unique, so the amount and form of saw palmetto you need won't be the same as for someone else.

As a general guideline, a common dose for men is 320 mg. of extract per day, standardized to at least 85-95% fatty acids with a guaranteed minimum of -% sterols. ("Standardized" means you get the same amount of active ingredients every time). You may decide to start with a somewhat lower dose.

In men, it can be taken for six weeks before any effect is noticed. If improvement is noted, it is recommended that men take it continuously. Since you're trying to reduce DHT like the men are, you could do the same.

As you can imagine, a supplement program can get complicated.  Therefore, we recommend you seek guidance from a naturopathic doctor or other qualified health professional.

WARNING: The quality of botanical supplements varies widely. Don't buy any herbal or botanical product unless it has a "standardized" amount of the active component listed on the label. A "standardized" product has a consistent amount of active ingredients from one bottle to the next. If you buy a product that is not standardized, you have no clue as to what you are actually getting and may be wasting your money.

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The  Journal of American Medical Association released a 1998 review stating that s aw palmetto is effective in improving urological symptoms and urine flow . For the review, 18 randomized trials with almost 3,000 male participants were analyzed; 28 percent of the men taking saw palmetto showed fewer urinary tract symptoms, 24 percent showed improvement in peak urine flow and overall urine flow improved for 43 percent of the participants. The results were comparable to the group taking Proscar — a prescribed medication — and they were much more promising than the men taking a placebo.

A true measure of success
Many customers using our Saw Palmetto have been genuinely amazed at the difference it has made. Current legislation prevents us from giving details,  but simply read the impartial reviews of our products on Trustpilot and make up your own mind. 

Ingredients (per 1ml)
Saw Palmetto Complex contains high strength liquid extracts made from the following dried herbs:
Saw Palmetto berries 1000mg
Fennel seed 200mg
Horsetail 200mg
Hydrangea root 125mg
Based on live Bio active Kombucha culture liquid.

Saw palmetto reduce testosterone

saw palmetto reduce testosterone


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