Reasons for low testosterone

Doctors generally are not taught about nutrition in medical school, the reason being is that they are funded by the big pharmecuetical & drug companies and they want to get their moneys worth. The way they do that is by prescribing medications that temporarely help but do not correct the original problem. Living on a plant based diet and consuming wheatgrass daily (i grow mine at home and consume 1oz per day) can drastically improve your health. I have seen studies done on plant based diets and when eating the correct nutrients many diseases can be cured including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer can be treated and cured with nutritional therapy without the negative side effects of chemo therapy! I suggest everyone looking to get healthy to do their research on the types of food you have been eating.

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Reasons for low testosterone

reasons for low testosterone


reasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosteronereasons for low testosterone