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You bet I am! The types of foods compared (fries, hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, etc.) were all picked because they were the first bunch of fast food items that popped into my head when I was coming up with what to compare. They are, to me at least, the most popular stuff. However, I am aware that I may have neglected to compare other really popular foods. So, if you happen to know of a similar type of food that is sold at 2 or more fast food restaurants and would like to see it all compared side-by-side like the above items were, just leave a comment and suggest it. I won't make any promises, but I will try to get it done and added to this page as soon as I can.

Hello Rob,
Just came across your website looking for reviews on AlphaZXT. I have ADD since I’m a little girl and struggled with it for many years mainly because I was never medicated or proactive about it; it took me a lot of time to accept that I have it and that I need medication for it. I would love not to have to take adderall and be able to help my brain chemistry work better with natural stuff but nothing that I try seems to work. I see the tons of options out there now trying to convince me I’ll be a genius and become like the “limitless” guy in the movie but sadly they all seem to use the same lies to get buyers. its so hard for someone like me that’s actually diagnosed with this condition and that literally need to correct the chemical imbalance in my brain to find good supplements with high quality ingredients that are going to do the job. It’s not like choosing your daily multivitamin, it’s a serious issue.
I’m so scared now of trying things and believing on what they say, I knew AlphaZXT had to be exaggerating.
How do I know your opinions and reviews are true? Not coming from a preference based on what this companies are paying you or giving you commission for your favorable review on them? Sorry to ask but it’s really hard to trust anyone for the obvious reasons.
About the supplements now… I don’t want to have anything with caffeine on it, what would recommendation be in that case?

Over the counter low t

over the counter low t


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