Ingredients for Prime Male includes Zinc Citrate (luteinizing hormone), Boron (increases free testosterone up to 28% and reduces estrogen by up to 39%), Korean Red Ginseng (immune system boost and decreases glucose levels), Luteolin (aromatese inhibitor that reduces estrogen), Magnesium Citrate (lowers SHBG), D-Aspartic Acid (high quality calcium chelate that’s key in stimulating the production of free testosterone), Bio-Perine (increases body absorption rate), Mucuna Pruriens (prevents the depletion of free testosterone) and Nettle Root (supports testosterone elevation).

This article was a great help to me. I have been lifting 5 months now and have gone from 100bench, 185deadlift and who knows what squat since form is critical to good squat and I am still working on it. Im 6'1" 200lbs and am now 1rm are 245bench, 245 squat 335 deadlift. Still far from competition but I was thinking myself small and weak next to the records I have read about. I have a long way to go but at least now I that I should not feel bad if I never triple my current numbers. I should feel blessed if I even manage to double them. My new achievable goal is 365bench, 405 squat 495 deadlift. If I hit that then I will be happy as can be. I am well aware that will be a several year odyssey for me. I am going to stop listening to youtube guys telling me I can gain 30lbs muscles in a few months just by eating and training right. They are full of it. Wish me luck.

Overall All in all, Nugenix is a safe and highly praised product. Even though using testosterone boosting supplements has become a controversial subject the past few years, due to the existence of several unreliable options, Nugenix has been proven to show that it is safe for consumption. With the awards that the manufacturer has won, and a recommendation from one of the leading nutritional stores, GNC, there is an assurance that you are taking a safe and effective product. Nugenix uses a formulation which has the capability to work naturally inside the body, raising testosterone levels dramatically without having to worry about harmful side effects. Even though the product may not be primarily designed to provide treatment against erectile dysfunction, the idea that it contains ingredients which can enhance blood flow is already an indication of the possibility that it can allow a user to achieve a good erection, and maintaining it, while enhancing the overall sexual drive at the same time. If you are interested in this product, it is highly recommended to try the 14-day trial offer first. Be aware though that the company uses an automatic shipment program. This means that if you do not cancel your order after the 14-day offer, you will automatically be receiving your supply monthly, which means also getting charged the price of the bottle on your credit card. However, if you are satisfied with the results, this is not a problem.