Naturally raise testosterone

Take a brisk walk, swim some laps or bicycle around the block. The type of exercise you choose to do is not important, but it is important to do something. Getting at least 120 minutes of aerobic exercise per week can increase your HDL levels, according to a study published in 2007 in Archives of Internal Medicine. While that time may be broken up into smaller sessions, the study points out that the longer your exercise sessions, the greater your HDL increase. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week. Speak to your physician before beginning an exercise program.

I’ve been following Matt’s suggestions for over a year now and I will say in the matter of body type, I have definitely gotten more hourglass shaped. This is with sodas, and ice cream, and bakery bagels, etc. after 2 years plus of low-carb that worsened my ’s how I noticed. When I tried on clothes during low-carbing, I’d fit into a size 4 easily, but there would always be an issue of ‘muffin top.’ Now, I’m fitting appropriately into a size 10, with no overhang whatsoever. I guess there was a stress belly when I was low carbing andnow things are on their way to looking and feeling better. The curves I’ve gotten are without cellulite. I will say I would like to get the belly a little further down, but as noted above, now is when I’m finally feeling the desire to ‘spot’ exercise, walk, and do yoga (was a near pro) so hopefully that’s in the picture soon. Thanks Anne Marie for sticking with Matt when you saw what worked for you.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male testes. During a boy's pubescent years (ages 9 to 14), there is an increase in production that leads to male secondary sexual characteristics such as a deeper voice, more muscle mass, facial hair growth and enlargement of the Adam's apple (among others). Some teenage boys experience these puberty changes at later ages than others. The timing of puberty is often genetically determined (through heredity), but other factors can play a role in delaying it, such as poor nutrition, physical trauma and certain diseases. Stimulating testosterone production naturally is possible in teen boys, although in rare cases hormone therapy may be needed to trigger and complete puberty.

Naturally raise testosterone

naturally raise testosterone


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