Low testosterone in men over 40

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Universal Men’s Clinic has successfully helped men suffering from erectile dysfunction regain the physical intimacy in their relationship. Included are those that have not had function for years or are taking other medications. UMC medical providers customize treatment for individual patients by working to find the right medication at the right dosage. The one-pill-fits-all medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment does not work for every man. Some sexual function can be more effectively treated with a topical cream or periodic injections.

I am sorry to hear about your son’s struggles with depression. It certainly sounds that you two have take a very proactive approach toward managing this, and that is definitely heartening. Policies vary from practice to practice, so age isn’t always an absolute contraindication. However, with younger patients, the threat to fertility looms larger and there is much to consider. Keep in mind that it is my personal opinion that TRT can help with a “depressed mood”, but is rarely (if ever) a stand alone option for severe depression. Dysthymia, the altered mood state between “normal mood” and a clinical depression, is more likely to respond when testosterone levels are optimized. I believe strongly in the positive benefits of TRT, but I would be remiss if I did not caution you that TRT alone may not be the only answer. We are advocates for the total health of our patients. While we may treat only one facet of that total picture, I constantly urge people to look at all viable avenues to better health. I do hope this helps!

Low testosterone in men over 40

low testosterone in men over 40


low testosterone in men over 40low testosterone in men over 40low testosterone in men over 40low testosterone in men over 40low testosterone in men over 40