Low testerone treatment


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Your symptoms plus family history scream hypothyroid condition. This would exacorbate weight gain but also, I noticed that the gain coincided with upping carbs to around 75 per day. This may be too much for you. Cut back to 50 for a few weeks to see how you do. It is imperative that you get free t3 and free t4 and antibodies tested. Get Mark Starr MD's book as well as Broda Barnes MD's book. Starr's book is outstanding and gives step by step instructions on how to titrate thyroid hormone. He is also hypothyroid himself and details his own years of misdiagnoses and needless suffering.

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Low testerone treatment

low testerone treatment


low testerone treatmentlow testerone treatmentlow testerone treatmentlow testerone treatmentlow testerone treatment