Low t hair loss

Hello, I’m a 24 year old man and I just found this interesting site. I am currently sexually active so I believe that my testosterone levels are normal, right? Anyway…I have male-pattern baldness (frontal) and it’s just making me depressed to be honest. I am currently trying a possible DHT blocker called: Saw palmetto. It’s a standardized extract which has 85%-95% fatty acids. I wanted to know if this might reduce the amount of hairs I’m currently losing from male pattern baldness? many people within articles claim that research done on saw palmetto is limited but promising and that it blocks DHT and allows for new hair to grow over the course of maybe 4-9 months.

If you lose hair because of high testosterone or lack of it, there is no guaranteed treatment. However, hair loss provoked by too much testosterone or its shortage may be reversible with correct treatment. To slow down the hair loss you need to stop the transformation of free testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by such means as your doctor will recommend. Normally you should take the medecine once a day, and after a few months you can notice positive results. However, if you stop taking the drug against baldness, your hair will start to fall out again. Such treatment is not safe for women. Therefore, before you start to treat hair loss, you have to visit a specialist and undergo all the necessary tests.

“Low-T therapy has a variety of very positive health benefits for male patients, so men shouldn’t let this potential side-effect discourage them from seeking or continuing treatment,” Dr. Bauman said. “Instead, I would encourage all patients and healthcare providers offering HRT to be aware of the potential side-effect and take the appropriate steps ahead of time to prevent it. There are a wide array of preventive treatments available that can ensure men will have the best chance at maintaining a healthy head of hair throughout the course of low-T treatment, even if they are more genetically predisposed to hair loss.”

Low t hair loss

low t hair loss


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