Is low testosterone dangerous

But I'm not more aggressive—a behavior change often tied to testosterone. That's not surprising to Robert Sapolsky, ., a neuroendocrinologist at Stanford University and a leading researcher on stress and behavior. "It's really not the case that testosterone 'causes' aggressive behavior," he says. "Instead, it makes the brain more sensitive to social cues that trigger aggression. And in support of that, a guy's testosterone level isn't a very good predictor of how likely he is to be aggressive."

As with any disease, we want to tell you that Low T isn't "normal" but the process of aging and a decline in testosterone is normal. The condition of "low t" has become "normal" because people associate the decline in energy and drive for all aspects of life with aging. While it may be true that your levels decline, it's not always because it's "normal" it could be related to the type of work you do, your diet, and your exercise routine. Fortunately, low testosterone is treatable through a process called testosterone replacement therapy. Why would you want to continue living each day with no drive for life? Wouldn't it be great if you could have the knowledge and wisdom of your 40's and 50's but the energy levels of your 20's and 30's?

In men, low testosterone levels in the body can be supplemented by hormone replacement with testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy can be prescribed as an intramuscular injection usually given on a biweekly basis; as a patch or gel placed on the skin, or as putty that is applied to the gums of the mouth. Each of the treatments has its risks and benefits. The decision as to which form of testosterone to use depends upon the clinical situation. Discussions between the patient and health care professional often helps decide which medication to use.

In the United States there are currently no preparations that are FDA approved for testosterone replacement for women.

Is low testosterone dangerous

is low testosterone dangerous


is low testosterone dangerousis low testosterone dangerousis low testosterone dangerousis low testosterone dangerousis low testosterone dangerous