Hcg results for men

I’ve been using and coaching the hCG protocol since 2010, and am myself an hCG diet loser (winner!) since January, 20. I make no claims as a medical professional; I’m also a research-oriented person who has figured out a lot of answers to my own questions on the hCG diet, and gathered that information and tested it. I have incorporated this protocol into my coaching practice, because I’ve seen not only how well it works to help people lose weight and keep it it off, but that it is a marvelous journey of self-discovery which will change your life *FOREVER*.

HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women by the placenta. It is a glycoprotein that is made up of 244 amino acids. HCG also helps the body create progesterone and helps line the uterus with a thick wall of blood vessels and capillaries to assist the growing fetus. HCG has been used to treat infertility in women and to increase sperm count in men. It has been found that HCG regulates the brain set point for hunger and also how your body metabolizes fat. HCG alerts the body to release stored fat when needed. This is apparent in pregnant women who have severe morning sickness or live an unhealthy lifestyle. They are still able to go full term and have a healthy baby.

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Hcg results for men

hcg results for men


hcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for menhcg results for men