Festool ps 300 eq stichsage

System is Linn LP12 (hardly altered) into a PS Audio Nuwave Phono Converter (recommended!) which feeds 24/96 into a discontinued Nuforce AVP 18 digital preamp (because the MiniDSP doesn't have enough inputs and because the AVP 18 handles HDMI), which feeds the MiniDSP Dirac Live box, which directly drives the Kii's. Oppo 103 hooks into Nuforce, as does the evil satellite box for TV etc, as does a Mac mini holding the music library using BitPerfect, hooked up by SPDIF. The MiniDSP box happily provides a volume control, else I'd have needed a Kii Control, too.

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Festool ps 300 eq stichsage

festool ps 300 eq stichsage


festool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsage