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The Philistines and Philistia are mentioned more than 250 times in the Hebrew Bible . [392] [393] [30] The Hebrew word Peleshet ( פלשת Pəlésheth ) - usually translated as Philistia in English, is used in the Bible to denote the southern coastal region that was inhabited by the Philistines ("Plištim" ( פְּלִשְׁתִּים Pəlištîm ) [388] The Philistines first appear in a listing of the Hamitic branch of Noah 's descendants. [394] The word Philistia is generally accepted to be a cognate of the word Palestine . However, the terms for biblical Philistia and geographical Palestine have been different since at least the second century BC. As early as the LXX , thought to have been completed in 132 BC, the biblical term for Philistines in Greek ( Philistieim ) was different from the contemporary Greek name for the region ( Palaistine ) [46]

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