Eq it only gets worse

Matty, 9, came into the ER with abdominal pain. Leah believed he had acute cholecystitis and ordered an ultrasound to confirm. However, Stephanie took over the case and did the ultrasound, which showed an inflamed gallbladder and gallstones. They took him into surgery and Stephanie successfully removed his gallbladder. However, there was bleeding in his abdomen. Stephanie moved the camera around to locate the source, but when his abdomen and pelvis filled with blood, Arizona took over and converted to an exploratory laparotomy. She found a tear in the mesenteric artery from the trocar insertion, but she was unable to stop the bleeding and Matty died in the OR.

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Eq it only gets worse

eq it only gets worse


eq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worse