Does low testosterone make you tired

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I just found all all of my hormones are low. My doctor was most concerned with my testosterone being at 4. My estradiol was , FSH at , and my progesterone was . I’m on birth control currently so it is weird that my estrogen and progesterone are still low. I have at least two periods each month with usually other spotting and bleeding in between. I have a lot of symptoms of low T, but I am not sure what would be causing low hormones considering I am 29 and should not be nearing menopause. She wants me to supplement progesterone and testosterone. I just would like to know potential underlying reasons since it isn’t due to an estrogen dominance. She said typically if you have a lower estradiol your FSH is high or vice versa, but both of mine were low.

Testosterone therapy can occur in many forms, from injectable and transdermal creams and patches and even subcutaneous pellets implanted under the skin. In the end it is true, with each form of therapy you are receiving the same testosterone hormone but the efficiency and effectiveness of each form varies greatly. Without question injectable testosterone is the most efficient and effective form of testosterone therapy, as through injections the needed testosterone is placed directly into the blood. While transdermal medications will absorb into the blood many men find difficulty in achieving proper levels with this form making it the least desirable of the four. If injections are not an option for whatever reason testosterone implant pellets are a fine choice and often all the testosterone an individual will need.

Does low testosterone make you tired

does low testosterone make you tired


does low testosterone make you tireddoes low testosterone make you tireddoes low testosterone make you tireddoes low testosterone make you tireddoes low testosterone make you tired