Doctors who treat low testosterone

Hi, are you feeling better? I hope so but if not, have them check you for Pheochromocytoma (tumor on adrenals) They test your catecholemines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine) in 24 hr urine test (not just the blood draw) Also, have they checked for both thyroid antibodies? Peridoxidase AND Thyroyglobulin, they often don’t check for the second one. (Hashimoto’s)
Do you have higher calcium levels? I believe that may mean a tumor on your thyroid but I don’t know what test, they use for that one. Most of these tests won’t show up on a regular blood test, doctors only seem to do a few standard tests and then rush you along, it’s frustrating.

Sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with doctors. I’ve had some really awful ones also (both incompetence and ethics issues). However, I have to say that there’s at least one really good rheumatologist out there – best doctor I’ve ever met. I wasn’t even his patient; I was interviewed by him for a PhD program in immunology. I was desperately trying not to show any signs of ill-health since no one wants a sick grad student. He noticed the petechiae on my forearms (I tend to get worse when under stress). At the end of the interview came the ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ question, I asked him why he chose rheumatology. His answer: ‘It’s the most challenging of the non-surgical specialties’.

It's kind of like how we dish out food stamps. The government didn't try to regulate the supermarket industry into manipulating markets where rich people pay more for care at the checkout so that poor people could walk in and take stuff for free... They just let Safeway do their thing, and kick them down a card to snag stuff from the free market. It's not libertarian, but it's the best way to handle it IF we want to do anything at all for the poor. I think it would work itself out with a real free market, but this method would shut the proggies up and allow the market to work better for everybody else too.

Doctors who treat low testosterone

doctors who treat low testosterone


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