Boldenone cycle log

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Put on another this week with a very slight drop in BF. So, scale is still moving in the right direction. lbs in 3wks with a very slight decline in BF. I think I could have put some more weight on this week but but I ended up with a good case of test flu (I guess it would have to be DHB flu in this case). Stuff is giving me some pretty intense pip in my ass on about the 2nd day after pin which lasts for a few days or more. Kind of took away my appetite. I'm going to drop the bold cyp and increase my EQ up to around 600mg so I have more of it in the barrel to dilute the DHB and help with pip.

When a follow up investigation is needed, laboratory reports/results ( . from a QMPI importer) should be forwarded to a CFIA inspector.
The CFIA Inspector will communicate with their respective Regional/Area Program Staff who will liase with the National Manager Technical Standards (or delegate), Fish, Seafood and Production Division. The follow up investigation approach may include, but not limited to gathering evidence of non-deliberate use, collecting and reviewing additional information, etc. , for an assessment and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Boldenone cycle log

boldenone cycle log


boldenone cycle logboldenone cycle logboldenone cycle logboldenone cycle logboldenone cycle log