Best way to increase testosterone

Hey Adam, I am 16 years old and weigh 156lbs, since April of 2013, I’ve been on a strict vegetarian diet. This dramatic switch in diet lead me to lose 50lbs over the next 6 months and I feel great. I’ve followed many dieting rules that include cheat day and exersising but, I have hit a wall, everything I do (switching starchy grains for high fiber veggies, more water consumption, etc.) isn’t providing the results that I want. Instead, my weight fluctuates between 156lbs and 159lbs and my goal is to be about 150. I need some advice on how to lose the last 10-ish pounds. Can you help me?

I was sent as a missionary from the . to Spain in 1991. THe church that sent me had no resourses and there was no ecconomic support at all. we just knew it was Gods will. I was able to establish two congreations at that time as a full time minister. I have been working in the ministry ever since and 20 years ago I relocated to a small spanish town where I have served the local churches and missions in India. I have just taken over the pastoral role of the church where we have been members for the last 11 years. The church is small and has a commitment to pay rent for the building where we meet. I would not even expect the church to pay me a wage at this point in time. I am working to support my family, I would love to be a full time missionary again and I am investigating ways to raise funds so I can be free to serve Gods people full time.
Thank you so much for your advice.

Best way to increase testosterone

best way to increase testosterone


best way to increase testosteronebest way to increase testosteronebest way to increase testosteronebest way to increase testosteronebest way to increase testosterone