Best doctor for low testosterone

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Also tell your doctor about any sex-related pain, such as pain in the penis when it's erect due to Peyronie's disease , or pain in the vulva or vagina that's caused or exacerbated by penetration. Physical pain can morph into psychological avoidance, says Marjorie Green, MD, director of the Mount Auburn Female Sexual Medicine Center in Cambridge, Mass., and a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. As Dr. Green puts it, "If every time you put your finger out, I hit it with a hammer, what would you stop doing?"

We spend a lot of time discussing the symptoms of low testosterone in men, however, women are just as dramatically affected by the changes in hormone levels over time. That’s not news to anyone, but usually we speak of estrogen and progesterone when discussing hormonal changes in women. It is a very delicate balance of hormones which must be maintained, and testosterone plays a key role for women by supporting their metabolism and energy levels, sex drive, mental acuity and overall feelings of well-being. Following the same procedure for men with getting a blood test, having a physical exam and completing a medical history form, our Low T doctors will prescribe a 10% testosterone cream for women who are evaluated and determined to have low testosterone levels.

Best doctor for low testosterone

best doctor for low testosterone


best doctor for low testosteronebest doctor for low testosteronebest doctor for low testosteronebest doctor for low testosteronebest doctor for low testosterone